Why You Should Start Working Naked

By Aaron Paitich


Now just hold on a minute. Before you start violently tearing your clothes off and throwing that Italian leather belt into the next cubicle, hear me out.

By working “naked,” I mean working smarter, simpler, and more efficiently.

Too often we find ourselves bogged down by emails, calls, and meetings. We’re treading water with drop-everything assignments and quick turnarounds. And in the meantime, we can never get around to those more elaborate enterprise projects or long-term strategic planning and growth initiatives.

We cannot find time to immerse ourselves into one assignment, creatively or intellectually. Our attention is being diverted in all directions.

Everything is urgent. Every project is labeled Priority 1A.

Multitasking is a résumé buzzword that I don’t much care for. I challenge people to do less of it. For creative professionals especially, multitasking often means doing a lot of stuff fairly well instead of producing something you’re truly proud of. And pride is what gets us up in the morning.

I know what you’re thinking. “Sounds like a great idea, but another two items have already flown into my inbox while reading this.”

It’s unavoidable at times. It’s part of the gig. But when you can, try and strip down the to-do list and really let your talents and energy go to work.

Don’t layer yourself in seven projects when one or two deserve your full attention. Set aside specific time slots each day to take care of those extras, add-ons, and dumpster fires.

Bare with me now.