What We’re Thankful for in 2016

By Tom Sellwood


Thanksgiving is upon us, and as well-intentioned as we are here at Touchpoint, life can move so quickly that we forget to stop and count our blessings every once in awhile. Which is why we love this time of the year. We can take a breather, reflect, and give thanks for all that we’re grateful for.

But instead of just talking about what we’re thankful for in general, we wanted specifics, so we asked a few Touchpoint team members what he or she is extra grateful for this Thanksgiving season. Here’s what we heard:

I’d like to give thanks for new friends and those old friends who remain so after many trials and challenges!  Thank you!”
—Jim McEwen, President

“That’s easy…I’m thankful that the Vikings cut kicker Blair Walsh!”
—Bryan Nelson, Senior Account Executive

“I’m thankful for my three little peanuts who keep me grounded and make every day better.”
—Jessica Disch, Director, Marketing and Account Management

“I’m thankful that real, intelligent, and honest storytelling is important now more than ever.”
—Reed Richardson, Executive Editor

“I am thankful for whoever gave us this: https://vine.co/v/ibxWhlAjAht.”
—Aaron Paitich, Senior Editor and Digital Engagement Manager

“I’m thankful that Touchpoint has the opportunity to do some really great work on the new magazine we’re producing for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota…And I’m thankful that this contentious election is over!”
—Susan Caminiti, Senior Editor

“I’m thankful for my two beautiful children, the wifey’s bourbon chocolate pecan pie and barrel-aged, craft beers, but not necessarily in that order.
—Mike DeArmond, Art Director

“I am thankful that we’re in the Golden Age of TV.”
—Tom Sellwood, Marketing Account Manager

“I’m thankful for puppy kisses, puppy costumes, and being a proud mother to my puppy child, Brooks.”
—Jessi Pierce, Editor