Welcome to TP, Adam!

By Tom Sellwood


Video content is everywhere these days, and experts expect the use of video marketing to continue to rise in 2019. We’ve experienced this rise in demand for video here at Touchpoint, from live action promotional videos to animated explainers, which is why we recruited Adam DeMarchi—cinematographer, editor, and animator—to join TP. He had been working with us on a freelance basis for a while, but now we’re lucky to call him a member of our team and excited about the capabilities he brings (Adam’s an FAA-certified drone pilot!) to help our clients tell their stories through video. Here’s a little more about Adam and his life outside of work.

First off, welcome to Touchpoint. What have you been up to here since you started?
Thank you! Excited to be here. I’ve been working on a variety of animation projects for Ecolab. I also just finished up a video project for USAH Foundation that I shot and edited.

What are some of your skills and areas of expertise/passions that brought you to Touchpoint?
I’m very passionate about all things video—from pre-production all the way through post-production. I also have a strong suit for animation, and like to challenge myself in Adobe After Effects.

You recently had a screening for a skateboarding film you shot and edited. Tell us about the project and what it was like to have a screening with a bunch of your friends in attendance.
‘SUNDOG’ is a project that I’d filmed with my friends over the last two years. We’d go out filming on weeknights and weekends, where they would attempt to do difficult tricks and I would be there to capture their moments of joy and frustration. Purely for fun. No money or sponsors were involved. The film showcases my friends and the tricks they were able to land while I was with them, and is edited to music that fits their sort of ‘style’. I premiered the film at Indeed Brewing and couldn’t believe how many people made it out. I never got an official head count, but I’d guess 50–60 people were in attendance—which is amazing. There’s a decent community of skateboarders in the MSP area, and these premieres usually happen a handful of times each year.

What are some of your favorite movies, TV shows, YouTube videos, etc.?

I really enjoy watching Star Wars (all of them, really). I don’t watch much TV—besides Stranger Things and Minnesota Wild games. I’m really inspired by the YETI Presents series on YouTube.

Tell us about some of your other passions outside of work.
I’m a pretty big outdoorsman and love to spend time fishing for all kinds of species. My favorite to catch would have to be Muskie—there’s nothing else that compares to it. Even though it sometimes takes countless hours and days before you even see one, the feeling you get when you finally catch one is pretty incredible. My girlfriend Regan and I are high school sweethearts, and have been together for just over 8 years. We plan to own a Corgi someday in the distant future.

Be sure check out Adam’s YouTube page to see some of his work.