Touchpoint’s New Look

By Jenn Alessi


As you may have noticed, Touchpoint is debuting a new look. There are many reasons why companies rebrand themselves (see previous blog post), but the impetus of our change was this: our focus has shifted. Yes, we’re still publishing many quality print publications and designing amazing collateral, but that’s just a piece of the puzzle. In a broader sense, what we do is create conversations.

We’ve expanded our strategic capabilities to help our clients start conversations with their audiences in a variety of exciting ways. Whether you want to engage with your customers, prospects, the media, or industry leaders, we’re here to help facilitate those conversations through original custom content, including e-newsletters, blog posts, social media messaging, infographics, or even video.

Touchpoint will help you define the audience, the message, and the channels in which to distribute that message. Then we execute. We’ll create the content and design it specifically for the various platforms on which it will be delivered.

We hope you like our new look. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, including a brand new website launching this summer!