Touchpoint Media and the USHL Go Recruiting

By Aaron Paitich


The United States Hockey League (USHL) has a story to tell, and Touchpoint Media wants to help them tell it. That’s why the two organizations are teaming up to reach hockey families.

As the top junior league in the country, the USHL has been churning out college and NHL players at an incredible clip. But one challenge they were facing was visibility. Since all of the 17 teams are based in the Midwest, hockey families throughout the rest of the country have less exposure to the league, and therefore some elite players choose to play elsewhere.

“One of our primary areas of focus is communication to our primary constituent audiences of elite players and their parents to educate them about the developmental opportunities in our league,” said USHL President and Commissioner Bob Fallen. “We aligned with Touchpoint Media for the e-newsletter project because of their track record in creating custom media in the hockey industry. They understand what we’re trying to do and their content management capabilities will allow us to present our messaging in a unique and powerful way.”

The USHL not only wanted to get the word out. They wanted to get it to the right people in a way that’s both visually and editorially attractive and information-driven.

Our multi-faceted approach:

  • Design: Our design team is bringing a new visual element to the table through infographics, posters, brochures, booklets, logos and more.
  • Editorial: Touchpoint Media is working closely with the USHL communications dept. to develop and implement an aggressive editorial strategy that will help educate families and assert the league as the top option in junior hockey.
  • Email Marketing: We’ve developed a custom-designed, mobile-optimized HTML email newsletter template. The email campaign will be targeted to future players and parents. We will monitor and report analytics while assisting with list growth and management.

Like most organizations, the USHL has a great story to tell, and now they are telling it in a more dynamic way to a wider audience.