The 7 Super Bowl Commercials That Cashed In

By Mike DeArmond


It’s hard to believe but spending $5 million in 30 seconds is a super bargain for Super Bowl 50 advertisers. In the age of binge-watching Steven Avery on ad-free Netflix and starting “The Bachelor” 30 minutes late to fast-forward the commercials on DVR, advertisers are being left out in the cold when it comes to TV.

Live sports remain one of the few sanctuaries where TV advertisers can be reasonably assured their content isn’t being benched. Even if you go into social media blackout mode, it feels like you lose something subconsciously by not watching live sports as they are happening. Plus the Super Bowl is the live-sportsiest thing ever. And that’s before you even add the fact that a good chunk of the audience watches the Super Bowl specifically for the commercials.

Suddenly, $5 million seems like highway robbery. So what’s the best way to utilize your $5 million? Humor. Make the people laugh and they will remember you.

Here are seven brands that accomplished just that during Super Bowl 50.


The Bud Light Party
Connecting your brand with Amy Schumer seems like the biggest no-brainer of all time at this point. Now they should just throw a few million more at actually making a drinkable beer.


Avocados from Mexico
Finally, getting the word out and raising some awareness for avocados.


It’s like “Being John Malkovich,” except super sexy.


Wiener Stampede
The unofficial official 2016 Totes Adorbs Award Wiener-er.


Shock Top
Unfiltered Talk with T.J Miller
Funnyman T.J. Miller uses the “Comedy Central Roast” format to take on a tap handle with an orange for a head.


Restricted Bling
A lot of clients like to make changes like this. Definitely none of our clients.


Mountain Dew
Puppy Monkey Baby
It looks just as horrifying as it sounds.