Should You Host a Webinar?

By Jessi Pierce


Webinars have become powerful tools in the world of small business marketing, and hosting one of your own can be a smart way to attract new customers and clients—and bring more value to those you already have. If you’ve never hosted a webinar and are now thinking of giving it a shot, here are some business benefits to consider:

They Help You Establish Trust
Hosting a webinar allows your business to showcase exactly who it is and what your expertise is all about. It also allows attendees to put a human face to your company. This is especially important with a service business, where clients may not often get a chance to interact with the folks running the company.

Webinars Create Deeper Connections
Think about the last time you spoke at a networking event: you had about a minute to introduce yourself and your company and then spent the rest of the time trying to meet people. With a webinar, you’re able to make a deeper connection with attendees and let them really get to know you. Based on the amount of time you have and the content you share, this is a much more effective way of showcasing your company and the benefits it offers.

Better Customer Intelligence
A well thought-out webinar will include enough time for a question and answer segment. This back and forth is invaluable for really understanding what’s on the minds of your customers and what their greatest challenges (or gripes) are with your company’s offerings. Having this kind of customer insight will enable you to make any changes in your products or services that are necessary.
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Webinars Can Establish Expertise
A webinar can be as narrow or as general as you like. If your company is rolling out a new product, a webinar can be used to explain its benefits and other details. But sometimes, a webinar can used to showcase the depth and expertise your company has in its field. For instance, a cybersecurity firm can host a webinar for clients outlining the latest threats to hit mobile devices. By sharing this information, the company is establishing its expertise in the field, and potentially bringing existing clients in for additional business.

They’re Affordable
Let’s face it: hosting an in-person seminar or convention requires renting space and all that goes with it, and that can be expensive. That’s not to suggest that you shouldn’t ever do them, but a webinar is an affordable addition to your marketing efforts. They require little more than a broadband connection, microphone, and webcam to get going.

At the end of a webinar, you’ll have a list of attendees and their contact info. This valuable information can be used for future marketing efforts and allow you to stay in touch with folks who now know a lot more about you—and what makes your company great.