Q&A with Bryan Nelson, Touchpoint Senior Account Executive

By Touchpoint Media


When it comes to advertising sales, account management and event sponsorships, Bryan Nelson is Touchpoint’s savvy veteran.

Since 2000, he’s been building relationships and creating conversations — all while sharing his passion for sports.

We caught up with Bryan to learn more about how his persistence brought him to Touchpoint, his favorite moment in Minnesota sports history and his favorite jersey.

You’ve been involved in sports and have been receiving Touchpoint Media magazines at home since you were a kid. Where did you grow up and how did that shape your career path?

I grew up playing hockey and golf in Lakeville, Minn. I received American Hockey Magazine (now USA Hockey Magazine) and Minnesota Golfer Magazine as a kid. I didn’t notice they were both published by a local company, TPG Sports (now Touchpoint Media), until I was a junior in college at the University of St. Thomas, where I was studying marketing.

With my passion for sports (hockey and golf, in particular) I identified Touchpoint as my No. 1 job target. I reached out to Touchpoint during my junior year to inquire about a summer internship, but was informed the position was given to someone else. I didn’t let that discourage me or slow me down. My senior year in 2000, I continued to reach out to them throughout the year, and the persistence finally paid off. I graduated on May 20th and started working at Touchpoint on June 15th. The rest is truly history — it’s been an amazing 20-year journey!

What do you love most about being in this industry and working at Touchpoint?

I love working with customers and helping make an impact in growing their business. It’s great to talk about hockey and other sports with our partners. It all starts with passion. If you are passionate about your products and what you are selling, I think people have an easier time engaging and tend to be curious to learn more. 

I also really love the Touchpoint staff. We have an incredibly talented team of leaders, designers, writers and storytellers. I’m very grateful to have them as teammates. 

I have also been very fortunate to have a strong captain and line-mate since Day 1, Dave Jensen. Dave has been a great leader and mentor over the years and I appreciate everything he has done to help with my career at Touchpoint.

Word on the street is you’re an above average foosball player. When you’re not at the office, what other sports do you enjoy playing and watching?

This is true. I am a quality foosball player and an even better ping-pong player. I also love playing golf whenever I have the time. 

When I’m not playing or watching sports I love spending time with my wife Sharmi and two kids Xaiver (10) and Lila (8). They keep us busy with all of their activities! 

Below are my Power Rankings for teams/sports to watch: 

1A) Vikings / NFL 

1B) Twins / MLB (Only MN team to bring home a Championship x2)

2) PGA 

3) Wild / NHL 

4) Gopher Sports 

5) Timberwolves / NBA

999) Nascar 

As a Minnesota sports superfan, do you have a favorite moment in sports history?

I bleed purple. My favorite sports moment was the Minnesota Vikings 1998 season when they went 15-1, Randy Moss’ rookie year. I attended every home game that season with my mom, dad and sister. Unfortunately, it didn’t end well as the Vikes lost to the Falcons in the NFC Championship game in OT. I made my family leave our seats right before the winning FG to put us out of our misery. Every decade the Vikings break my heart, but I remain faithful that they WILL win a Super Bowl in the near future. SKOL! 

Favorite jersey hanging in your closet or on your wall?

I have a nice collection of signed jerseys displayed in the man cave. The favorite is a toss-up between Wayne Gretzky and Randy Moss, GOATs. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Funny story. When I first started working at Touchpoint my homework was to watch the classic movie Glengary Glen Ross. There are two lines from the movie that have stuck with me over the years: “Coffee’s for Closers” and “ABC” (Always Be Closing). Great sales mottos!