One-Timers: Industry News You Can Use

By Aaron Paitich


It’s easy to miss some of the good news in your world.

Human interest stories, fun profiles, industry insights, trends — there’s a lot happening in your orbit. You just need to know where to look.

Who has the time for that?

With deep roots in the hockey community, Touchpoint felt there was a need to fill here five years ago. That’s when we created One-Timers, the weekly email newsletter with stories compiled by our dedicated team of rink rats.

Every Wednesday morning, a digital hockey digest is delivered to our friends, partners, and colleagues with five of the week’s news items they might have missed.

Its purpose is threefold: Share stories. Stay connected. Support the mission.

In hockey’s case, that mission is promoting and celebrating the game and all its wonderful people, organizations, and companies that make it happen. We keep our finger on the pulse so you can stay focused on the tasks at hand.

With industry-leading 30-35% open and 10-15% click rates the past five years, One-Timers has become a staple in many inboxes. And when we receive a phone call, text, or email about a story shared in the latest edition, that’s a huge bonus.

But hockey is just one area of Touchpoint’s expertise. No matter the industry — healthcare, finance, technology, you name it — our dedicated teams can help develop and execute a similar communication strategy for you.

Looking for a weekly digest to help meet your goals? Shoot us a note or give us a call. And if you haven’t already, subscribe to One-Timers here, and we’ll see you Wednesday morning.