Get to Know Our New Senior Editor

By Tom Sellwood


Jake Weyer recently joined  Touchpoint as a senior editor. We’re excited he’s on the team.

@JakeWeyer | LinkedIn

We know your name, that’s about it. Give us the rest of the 411.

I’m 34, a Taurus, and though technically a millennial, I identify much more with Generation X. I’m an outdoor enthusiast, an automotive hobbyist and a Midwest sports fan. I can be overly sarcastic (but all of the above is legit).

If you had to give an elevator pitch for your skills, experience, and areas of interest, what would it be?

Award-winning editor and reporter, trusted leader, and brand ambassador with more than a decade of publishing experience across a wide range of print and digital platforms. Connecting with people, sharing stories, and making a positive difference in the lives of others is what drives me. I’ve found that is possible through any subject matter, from sports to business and everything between.

The rumor mill says that you are a University of Minnesota graduate, but you’re a UND hockey fan. Explain yourself.

It’s true. I initially went to the University of North Dakota for aviation. I did receive my private pilot’s license there, but had a change of heart and after an internship at the Grand Fork Herald, decided journalism was the path for me. I transferred to the University of Minnesota for the journalism school, but retained my allegiance to UND hockey.

Family stuff: What’s your situation?

I live in Eden Prairie with my wife Allison (10 years in September), young sons Ethan and Owen, and dachshund Lola.

You’re our new Senior Let’s take it back, though. Tell us a story from the early years of your career.

During my time as a K-12 education reporter for the Duluth News Tribune, I wrote a couple of stories about a group of teachers who were annually laid off and (usually) rehired because of budget uncertainties. The district made it a priority to change its budgeting process that year so it could better plan its staffing needs. I like to think my reporting of those teachers’ compelling stories had something to do with that.

Describe your professional demeanor in less than five words.

Work hard, play hard.

Work-wise, what are you looking forward to getting into at Touchpoint?

I’m looking forward to working across such a diverse portfolio and doing more writing and editing.