Networking Should Always Be Part of the Strategy

By Guest Blogger


J. Albrecht
Law Firm Marketing Manager, People Connector

While technology continues to substantially impact our daily lives and how we relate to one another, a face-to-face connection cannot be entirely replaced and, in some cases, becomes that much more valuable.

Organizations continue to look for ways to connect with clients and customers. Social media, creative content, and big data all play key roles in the quest to stay top of mind with those using a product or service. In a time when we are glued to our cell phones and instances of constant connectedness are the norm, remember the power of a personal connection. Whether you are shaking hands with a could-be contact on the sidelines of your son’s soccer game, or inviting a potential referral source to engage over a cup of coffee to learn more about how you can help one another, those one-on-one interactions can be extremely valuable.

Social media and technology have allowed us to hone in on our prospects better than ever before. There will always be the valuable outliers though – those who we wouldn’t even think to include on our prospect list but instead come through networking with our colleagues, friends, and neighbors. The reward of helping someone find a resource they need (one you’d never have known about without actually talking to the person in need) often comes back to you tenfold in the form of an important introduction or the realization of a new resource you never knew existed.
As you represent both your personal brand and that of your employer, try putting down the cell phone or other device and take a look around. You might be surprised at who you notice in the line at the coffee shop or in the doctor’s office waiting room when you pay attention. Whether through social media or through personal relationships, we never know where that next great connection will come from. Paying a little more attention may serve us well.

Of course, the key to any successful brand – personal or professional – is a strong foundation and “back up” presence on social media, the use of creative content on your website, and conducting the occasional Google search on yourself and your colleagues to be sure information is accurate.

As 2016 picks up steam, try making a goal to connect in person with three new people this month (or whatever number works for you). Using old fashioned face-to-face networking may be that added bonus that makes you even more successful in the new year. Happy networking!