Meet the Dogs of Touchpoint

By Touchpoint Media



Owner: Rob

Breed: Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie)

Fun fact: Lou has at least 10 nicknames: Loubers, Loubert, Lou Lou Lemon, Captain Lou Albano, Sweet Lou, Loucifer, Lou the Drifter, Lou Diamond Phillips, Lou Rawls, Louie Cox…


Owner: Dave

Breed: The mutt of two mutts

Fun fact: A strict disciplinarian around young people.


Owner: Jake

Breed: Dachshund

Fun Fact: She loves to play fetch with her Frisbee like a big dog. But unlike most dogs, she will not, under any circumstances, lay on the floor unless there is a blanket, pillow, or direct sun.


Owner: Mike D. 

Breed: Mini Golden Doodle

Fun Fact: Wanted in five counties as a sock-stealing bandit. Wanna-be pretentious doggy influencer, bully stick aficionado and the most beautiful beast in the world.


Owner: Brandon

Breed: Bordie Collie/Flat Coat Retriever

Fun Fact: Chases bicycles. Favorite cheese is Gouda. Was also disappointed in the Game of Thrones finale.


(after legendary hockey coach Herb Brooks)

Owner: Jessi

Breed: Lab/Beagle Mix

Fun Fact: She’s already been to the clinker, courtesy of her unique athletic ability which includes cuts that any running back would be jealous of and hops over fences that would impress even a pole vaulter.


Owner: Jim

Breed: Yellow Lab

Fun Fact: Tucker was born on 11/11/11 and was one of 11 puppies in the litter.


Owner: Melanie

Breed: Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel + Poodle Mix)

Fun Fact: He likes to be held like a baby.


Owner: Kelsey

Breed: Maltipoo

Fun Fact: She loves her bones and burying herself in laundry. She also often mistakes algae for grass, and has jumped off docks multiple times hoping for land but resurfaces looking very confused.


Owner: Jenn 

Breed: Boxer/Lab Mix

Fun Fact: She absolutely hates the water (as evident by the photo of her in the bathtub). She won’t even walk through puddles but for some reason loves the mud.


Owner: Aaron

Breed: Lab/Hound Mix

Fun Fact: Kona dances and howls whenever we pull out the can-opener, signaling the potential of a tasty pumpkin treat.


Owner: Aaron

Breed: Black Mouth Cur

Fun Fact: Ace patiently sits next to the garden and catches flying cherry tomatoes for a healthy snack.