Meet Our New Designer

By Tom Sellwood


We’ve added a new creative to our roster. Meet Melanie Schumacher—designer, illustrator, artist. She jumped right in on client projects, so get to know her a little better in this Q&A.

Welcome to Touchpoint. What were you doing before you joined the Touchpoint design team?
Thank you, I am very happy to be here. Before joining Touchpoint I explored many aspects of art and design, from designing direct mail for a financial company, to screen printing fabric for a local clothing company, plus a lot of editorial layout and more.

What areas of design do you love and/or specialize in?
There are SO many aspects of design that I love, it’s hard to pick. Type, branding, and illustration are a few of my favorites.  

Word on the street is that you own goats. Please expand.
True. My family owns a farm with many animals, including goats, quite a few, actually. They are fun, silly creatures.

What do you draw inspiration from in your work and creative pursuits?
I like to stay inspired by experimenting with new art mediums and various styles. I have extensive art supplies and an art book collection. I find that if I keep learning and expanding my skill set, I stay inspired in my creative pursuits.

Tell us about some of your other passions outside of work.
Outside of work, I like to go on adventures with my two daughters and husband. We like to roller skate, try new outdoor activities like cross-country skiing and kayaking, and travel to warm, tropical locations.