Maximizing Content

By Jake Weyer


For Medicare-age adults with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota health care plans, the provider’s quarterly thrive. magazine offers a wealth of health and wellness inspiration and education.

The Touchpoint team is privileged to create the publication, which is provided to most Blue Cross Medicare members as part of their plan. Each issue delivers relatable stories from members, and advice from doctors and other health care experts. From simple exercise recommendations to suggestions for managing medications or coping with chronic conditions, we know from strong reader feedback that the content is making a difference.

To further improve the reach of that content, Blue Cross recently tapped the Touchpoint team to help build a website for thrive.The new site will house magazine content as well as more robust versions of certain stories and some online-exclusive pieces, all in a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate format custom-tailored to the audience.

“We wanted another platform for thrive. readers to get the content they’re looking for, whether it’s from a past issue of thrive., or something not included in print,” says Melina Van Alstine, member engagement program manager for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota’s Stars and Risk Center of Excellence. “The goal is to help members find the information and resources they need to make healthier choices and live their best lives.”


The new site, set to launch in 2019, will also help Blue Cross engage with members around the clock, and gather data about content preferences and more. It’s the next step toward getting the most out of content, for the benefit of both Blue Cross and its members.