Making Your Content Work for You

By Jenn Alessi


More likely than not, part of your marketing includes content, a strategy that involves the creation and sharing of material such as print publications, blogs, social media posts, videos, and more. Content is an extremely valuable tool for marketers looking to build loyalty among customers and prospects. As we say at Touchpoint, “Content reigns.”

If you are you creating and distributing content, you may have wondered how to maximize its exposure and have it continue to work for you long after its initial distribution. Follow these strategies to get the most bang for your buck and make your marketing work for you.

Planning for your audience
Getting to know your target audience is key to ensuring any content’s success. Demographic information, social, geographic, and economic insight, as well as understanding when and how your audience consumes and interacts with media are key factors in planning the type of content to create and how to distribute it.
For example, your strategies and tactics would be vastly different if you want to reach a recent college graduate than if you wanted to reach a recent retiree. The recent college grad may be best reached on Snapchat or Instagram through an influencer, while a recent retiree may be best reached through a personalized email.

Repurposing & channel diversification
A simple way to maximize your marketing dollars is to repurpose content and distribute it on multiple channels. Not only does this increase the content’s—and your brand’s—exposure, but it bolsters your cache of content. When you think you’re out of fresh material to distribute, you actually have some in reserve.

Long format content, for example, such as feature stories, white papers, eBooks, and long-form blogs, can be repurposed into smaller chunks of content like infographics, shorter blogs, or images and used on different communication channels, like email, social media, and websites. And, if you create evergreen content—content that is always relevant—it will make repurposing even easier.

As you think about your content strategy and distribution plan, keep your audience profile, including media consumption habits, as well as future repurposing at the front of your mind. A little foresight early in the process can go a long way in maximizing your marketing dollars.