Learning how to C.O.P.E.

By Jessica Disch


No, I’m not talking about coping with your intrusive neighbor or your in-laws who are staying with you for a month, I’m talking about learning how to C.O.P.E. with your marketing strategy. Huh?

C.O.P.E. (Create Once Publish Everywhere) was coined by Daniel Jacobson, Director of Application Development for National Public Radio. The concept seems simple enough, but what exactly does it mean?

Last week I attended the Minnesota Magazine & Publishing Association’s 2015 MMPA Summit and first learned of this term. The example given was a recent partnership between Intel and The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons. Intel shot a few commercials with Mr. Parsons interacting with their technology. Smart, right? But it doesn’t end there. While he was on set, they also took still shots to use in print ads and did an interview to use on their website. They broke down long videos into short 6-second Vine videos, posted outtakes to YouTube, and then tweeted everything. Intel took one piece of content, one idea, broke it into pieces, and delivered it across many different channels. They got the absolute most bang for their buck.

Good content is not a one-trick pony. Good content can be repurposed, repositioned, and reused over and over again. And it’s easier than ever now with the abundance of channels and ways to deliver content to your audience. So go ahead, invest in quality content for your brand. But don’t stop there; make sure you know how to C.O.P.E.