MMPA Panelists Share Digital Engagement Tips and Tactics

By Tom Sellwood


Jake Weyer, Senior Editor here at Touchpoint Media, participated in a digital engagement panel at today’s Minnesota Magazine and Publishing Association’s (MMPA) Annual Summit & Expo.

Jake was one of three panelists including Ania Nadybska, Director of Brand Engagement and Content Strategy at TN Marketing, and Andrew Wallmeyer, Publisher and CEO of MinnPost. The panel was moderated by Jeff Nowak, CEO/Chief Content Officer of Rocket Man Digital.

Nowak asked panelists to weigh in on questions like:

  • How do you define engagement?
    Jake: Any interaction with our content—editorial, design, and video—across all channels.
  • What metrics are most important to your company?
    Jake: Specifically talking about email, the open to click ratio is important to us, because it tells us how engaging the content is once a recipient has opened the email.
  • What was your “aha” moment regarding digital engagement?
    Jake: It was probably five to six years ago at my previous company, 10 Missions Media. We were working almost virtually in print, with the exception of one newsletter. About a year later, we were sending a daily newsletter and we had committed more resources and structure to our website and social media processes. I knew then how important digital would become.
  • Are there challenges your company has had to overcome in the digital space?
    Jake: A big thing for us is emphasizing quality over quantity, and that applies to a couple things. The audience, for one. Whether that’s a distribution list for an email campaign, or the size of the audience on social media—the quality of the audience is more important than sheer numbers. And the same thing goes for content. We’ve found that having a deliberate distribution plan for high-quality content instead of just churning out piece after piece creates much more authentic conversations with our audiences.

These were just a few of the questions from the event. In the coming weeks, we’ll post more insights and digital engagement strategies discussed during the panel, so stay tuned.