‘Gram Like a Pro

By Ali Crumley


The vast platforms of social media can be intimidating, but successful brands across all kinds of industries are enjoying the major benefits of directly communicating with audiences. Instagram has been around for several years now, but its growing user base makes it a great platform to visually show off your brand’s accomplishments, current operations, behind the scenes images, and more.

Here are four tips to up your brand’s IG game:

Stay on brand
Everything you post on social media—especially on Instagram—shapes your audience’s perception of who and what your brand represents. Each time you press “post,” you’re communicating to the world what your brand stands for. Keep that in mind as you snap original photos or curate images for your feed.

Also, start to build up a reserve of images so you’re not scrambling for “postable” content. Make it a goal to find something visually interesting in your work every day and take a picture of it. You’ll be thankful to have a cache of images to draw from in the future.

Quality vs. quantity
High-resolution images speak more to your audience than grainy zoomed in pictures poached from your Snapchat. Why blow up your audience’s feed with a ton of low-resolution pictures when you could post a single photo that speaks volumes by itself? Take a moment before each shot and decide if it could be tweaked to make it stand out.

Videos capture moments
Boomerangs, videos, and livestreams, oh my! Social media has become more and more welcoming to movement on news feeds across all platforms. Movement is enticing to the eye and will attract viewers and followers like flies to honey. Experiment with the different types of videos across all platforms to become more comfortable with the idea.

Color is key
What’s the most amazing part about a rainbow or a sunset? The spectacular colors, obviously. Cameras can’t always do justice to what the eyes see, but recent technology is bringing it closer. Colorful content will make posts “pop” on your feed. However, this isn’t to say that throwing four different filters on your picture to add more color is the way to go. Try using brightening tools or play with the shadow and highlight levels of the photo to get the desired look.