Get to Know Our New Designer

By Annie Gernes


A couple weeks ago, designer Kelsey Cherwinka joined our team. We’re thrilled she’s here and already making an impact. Here’s a little bit about her, outside of Touchpoint:

For starters, the basics. Where are you from and what led you to design and photography?

I am from Faribault, Minnesota, and I have always loved photography, from my first Kodak digital camera to my Canon EOS 6D. Once I realized that I could actually major in photography/design in college, I started taking it a lot more seriously and pursuing it as a future career.

What was your first/most unusual job?

My first job was probably also my most unusual job. It was at a local donut and ice cream shop. The combination of the two was a little out of the ordinary.

Do you have a favorite line from a movie?

“Yeah, no don’t put me down for cardio.” — Pitch Perfect

Favorite/dream vacation destination?

Cinque Terre, Italy. I would love to go back!

What are you looking forward to working on at Touchpoint?

I love sports so I’m excited for all of the hockey projects I’ll get to work on, but also projects that I’ve never done before that will push me to improve skills and learn new software.

Favorite meal?

Two words: Chicken. Alfredo.

You’re in a creative field—where do you find inspiration to expand yourself creatively?

I love looking online at different blogs and websites that show really out-of-the-box designs, or design magazines also give me inspiration for fresh layout and typography ideas.