Connecting with Customers

By Jake Weyer


One of our highlights of 2017 was the opportunity to work with Wisconsin-based investment management and trust company Trust Point to create a custom printed publication for their clients and prospects (find the digital version here). The magazine, printed in October, provided a behind-the-scenes look at the company, a host of investment strategies, and features offering inspiration for travel and better living.        

We talked with Angela Strangman, vice president of marketing for Trust Point, about what went into the decision to create a custom magazine and how the growing company is putting it to use.  

What motivated Trust Point to launch its own publication? What was the goal?
We wanted an image piece for Trust Point that told our story. We wanted it to be entertaining and educational, and something that people would refer to and hopefully share. It was a way to form a stronger connection with clients and others while putting our expertise on display.

Prior to the magazine, what other efforts were you making to achieve your marketing and customer service goals?
We had used a magazine prior, but it had been a few years and the distribution at that time was poor. We have used very limited traditional marketing, some digital and some print.

How did you choose the format of the publication? Specifically, why did you choose print?
Our audience still reads and most still like to get a physical copy of their publications. We wanted them to have this magazine on their coffee tables, to pick up time and time again. It’s nice to occasionally get something this nice in the mail, since so much is digital today. But we also made the magazine available on our website.

What went into your process for selecting a custom content partner to take on this work?
We saw some of the work Touchpoint Media produced and knew we wanted our publication to be at the same level, as far as quality and engagement. We really wanted to make the magazine something special and Touchpoint embraced that and ran with it.

How was your staff involved in the development and creation of the publication?
We worked with Touchpoint to come up with the magazine format and story concepts, and our team authored all of the financial advisement pieces, which the Touchpoint team edited and designed. Each Trust Point author had their photo, name and title included at the start of their piece to help form a human connection with readers.  

What impact has the publication had on your business?
While it just went out, we have already heard very positive comments. People have read it cover to cover and have been very impressed. It’s not a common offering from an investment management company.  

What advice do you have for other businesses contemplating custom content?
It’s a great way to tell your story. Tell your authors to use fewer words than you actually think—they will always go over!