Black Friday Goes Social

By Jessica Disch


For more than 30 years, bargain shoppers have been setting their alarms for the crack of dawn every Black Friday. Cold weather and angry mobs are a small price to pay for getting your child the last Tickle Me Elmo or that new big-screen TV for your spouse. But over the years, the day has become less profitable, forcing retailers to change their approach.

Besides opening stores earlier, some retailers are now opening on Thanksgiving night. Brands are also focusing on digital channels to promote holiday deals. Many stores are offering the best deals only to friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter or those signed up for text and email alerts. More and more contests for gift cards or exclusive pre-madness shopping sprees are also popping up.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is planning a social media contest for customers who take a photo of a product in a Dick’s store and post it on social media. Amazon has launched a Black Friday site … a full month before Black Friday. Lowe’s will again be announcing Black Friday deals via a series of Vine videos leading up to the event. Feeling overwhelmed? Try websites like and, where you can compare all retailers’ ads in one place.

So if Black Friday is your jam, get yourself on social media and start saving money. But don’t worry, if you miss out on those deals, there’s always Cyber Monday.