Be Passionate

By Jessi Pierce


Every month or so, I attend a women’s professional networking luncheon in northern New Jersey. The speakers are usually (but not always) interesting. But even when they’re not, I typically come away with some great sources and leads for Touchpoint’s small business coverage.

As I reflect on which sources developed into actual stories, I’m struck by one common theme among them: passion. The business owners we’ve written about didn’t necessarily have the most professional Power Point presentations or the slickest press packets to hand out. What they did have is conviction, energy, and yes—passion—in telling their story.

I’ll give you an example. Last year I met a woman who had started her own jewelry company. The woman was well spoken, the business was growing, and her designs were in demand in some pretty high-end stores in the tri-state area. It seemed to me like a natural, small business success story. But when I started speaking to her about what made her want to strike out on her own, her story fell flat. She seemed to be on autopilot and actually bored by talking about her company. I thought: if she can’t get interested in her own venture, how can I—or our readers?

At the same lunch, I met a woman who owned, of all things, a termite and pest control company. Not exactly the sexiest business in the world, but as she explained how she got into the field and how she was marketing the business, I was hooked. The energy and passion she had was infectious. We sat and talked for another half hour and made plans right there for a longer interview.

The takeaway here: no matter what your business or field of interest, be invested. Be passionate in what you do and how you portray that message to your customers, employees, vendors, and yes—even the press. It can make all the difference between people simply hearing what you have to say, and really listening.