Be a Good Minnesotan

By Tom Sellwood


In just less than three weeks, thousands of players and tens of thousands of fans from around the state and across the country will gather at Minneapolis’ Lake Nokomis for the 12th annual U.S. Pond Hockey Championships. If you haven’t heard of it or want to learn more, you can read about it here, but just know, we’re as provincially proud of hockey in Minnesota as we are of just about anything else.

Here at Touchpoint, we’re really excited for the puck drop. Since 2014, we’ve partnered with NBC Sports’ SportsEngine (FKA Sport Ngin) to sell sponsorships for the event (a natural fit, given our relationships in the hockey world). This year, we have a new crop of great brands that are excited to experience “Pond” for the first time, as well many perennial sponsors.

If you’ve never played pond hockey before, do it as soon as you can this winter.

Find a lake, pond, or neighborhood rink or ice arena and get into a pick-up game. You’ll blow off some steam and it’ll make you feel like a kid again. Plus, in pick-up games, you form a unique camaraderie with your teammates, who only half an hour ago were total strangers.

Just try it. There’s something pretty magical, and quintessentially “winter” about skating, especially outdoors. If it’s at night, under the lights, even better. I can almost guarantee that you’ll love it. It’ll make you a Good Minnesotan.

If the idea of actually playing hockey isn’t enticing, then just come out to Lake Nokomis Jan. 26–29 and take in the atmosphere. It’s free. I’ll be a blast. There will be beer from Labatt, food from Hard Rock Cafe, coffee from Caribou Coffee, gear from Fjall Raven, official U.S. Pond Hockey Championships apparel, and much, much more.

If you’d like more information about the event, including sponsorship options, please contact Tom Sellwood at

We hope to see you soon—either at a nearby pick-up game or later this month out on the Pond. Happy wintering.