…And The Award Goes To…

By Tom Sellwood


Well, we actually don’t know who the award goes to—yet—but we’re hoping it’s to one of our partner publications. Here at Touchpoint Media, we think quite highly of the publications we have the privilege of partnering on, from the editorial content, to design, to photography.

Fortunately, Folio feels the same way. Cambria Style, a custom magazine we help publish, is a finalist in several award categories for the Eddie & Ozzie Awards Luncheon, held in New York City on October 31. The awards “celebrate gorgeous design and uncompromising journalism.” Cambria Style is a finalist in the following categories for custom publications:

Single Article (Editorial)
Cambria Style, Winter 2016, “David Foster”

Full Issue (Editorial)
Cambria Style, Winter 2016

Cover Design (Design)
Cambria Style, Summer/Fall 2015

Feature Design (Design)
Cambria Style, Winter 2016, The Straight-Up Guide to Whiskey, Winter 2016

Overall Design (Design)
Cambria Style, Summer/Fall 2015
Cambria Style, Winter 2016

The Minnesota Magazine and Publishing Association (MMPA) also recognized the achievements of some of our partner publications. The following publications are finalists in several categories for MMPA’s Excellence Awards, held in Minneapolis on November 10:

Cambria Style
General: Overall Excellence
Design: Feature Design
Editorial: Profile Article
Design: Overall Design

Minnesota Hockey Journal
Design: Cover Design
Design: Feature Design
Design: Single Page or Spread Design
Digital Media: e-Newsletter

USA Hockey Magazine
General: Overall Excellence

Virginia Golfer
Editorial: How-To Article
General: Overall Excellence

Best of luck to our partners and all of the other finalists!