4 Benefits of Taking a Vacation

By Jenn Alessi


It’s reached that point in winter where I am more than ready for it to be over. These dreary days have me itching to get away to warmer weather and sunshine. In a society where a strong work ethic is praised, many Americans are reluctant to take a vacation. Even if it’s a quick weekend getaway, there are many benefits to taking a few days off for some well-deserved R&R.

1. Decompress & De-stress
We’ve all heard of the disastrous effects that stress can have our your health, from a higher risk of a heart attack to depression. Taking some time off allows your body and mind the opportunity to relax and repair itself. When your mind can focus on relaxing and fun activities, the tension you may be feeling will be alleviated and give you peace of mind.

2. Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Some distance helps put things in perspective. You may find that the daily stressors and problems you face in the office really shouldn’t get you down as much as they do once you are removed from that environment. It may be easier to understand where the problems are coming from thus making them simpler to handle upon your return.

3. Memories with your Family & Friends
As cliché as this may sound, it is so important to spend time with your family or friends. Getting away from the daily grind allows you to focus on your relationships with others; to reconnect with those you may have lost touch with. Create new and lasting experiences that will strengthen those close bonds. Life can change for people in an instant, and you will never regret spending time with your loved ones.

4. Increased Productivity
Returning to work with your batteries recharged will undoubtedly increase your work productivity, as you will be focused and ready to tackle the workweek. Motivation to achieve your goals will be higher with a refreshed attitude and you will ultimately get more work done.