3 Ways to Refresh Your Brand

By Elizabeth Boger


Let’s face it.

If your brand is marching into the 2020s wearing denim overalls and Crocs, it might be time to hit the refresh button.

We’re not saying you need a complete website overhaul or a shiny new logo — but breathing a little life into your brand can help stir up positive energy and enthusiasm.

Unlike a rebrand — which can involve giving your brand a new meaning or jumping into a new marketplace — a refresh is an excellent way to help your brand stay relevant, while staying true to the existing meaning of your brand.

We know times change. Logos become outdated, inconsistencies arise or you just need a little differentiation from your competitors.

Check out these three ways you can refresh your brand without breaking the bank:

1. Tweak your logo

Perception can be powerful. And your logo is often one of the first things consumers see.

By changing a font style or choosing a fresh new color palette, you can retain the visual integrity of your logo while also giving it the mini-makeover it deserves.

Typefaces can evolve, too. Maybe it’s time to consider a simple serif font, or one that better reflects your brand. (We’ll try and steer you away from these choices.)

2. Rejuvenate your marketing materials

As you refresh your visual identity, remember: consistency is key. Spend some time writing down your brand standards and guidelines. 

From your website to your business cards to your letterhead — ensure your messaging is consistent and clear across the board. The magnitude of your brand refresh can dictate how much you’ll need to update your print and digital collateral. Some of it might still work, or perhaps it’ll need a little tweaking.

A brand refresh is also a great excuse to swap out those stuffy employee headshots on your website with more fun, candid photography. You can take it even further by including a video on your homepage that highlights your company’s mission, or a reel that showcases recent projects.

Trust us. New imagery and video can go a long way in making your brand feel reinvigorated — just make sure it’s in line with your brand standards.  

3. Find your voice and define your personality

Consumers crave authentic and engaging content, and what better way to oblige than to show them who’s behind the curtain?

Your brand refresh is worth celebrating, and promoting that via social media, blogging or video can go a long way in reaching your consumers. These mediums not only allow you to define your voice; they help set the tone of your brand. 

Before you get to posting and creating, determine your ideal brand voice. Is it more formal? Funny? Charming? When you know exactly how your brand communicates, it’ll be easier to develop posts. Uniform communication is a key part of your brand’s personality, and it’s vital for maintaining a trustworthy voice. 

Sound easy enough? We’re rooting for you! We just completed Phase No. 1 of a brand refresh ourselves, and we’d be glad to help you do the same.

There’s no need to completely rebrand in order to confidently step into a new decade. A simple brand refresh could be just the ticket.