3 Celebrities Doing Social Media Right

By Jessica Disch


While many people, myself included, often roll their eyes at social media—the never-ending TMI posts, pictures of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the narcissistic nature of it all—there are a few out there doing it right (and not making us cringe). Most celebrities are on social media by now, but there are a few who are using their channels to masterfully promote their brand, and corporate America may want to take note.

Ellen DeGeneres

The beloved daytime talk show host and everybody’s best friend uses social media as an extension of her show by giving the world more access to what they love—her quirky, witty, and charming personality. Besides posting hilarious animal and kid photos, she advocates for LGBT rights and other social issues. She boasts 58 million twitter followers and is known for taking the “best selfie ever” during the 2014 Oscars, which became the most retweeted picture of all time.

Taylor Swift

No surprise here, TS is pure genius when it comes to her social channels. She understands that her 76 million Twitter followers and countless “Swiftes” are the keys to her success and she goes to great lengths to connect with them. She keeps an ongoing dialogue with her fans, regularly congratulating them on their accomplishments, offering advice and surprising them with special messages, merchandise and even invitations to her own home. Seriously.  But most importantly, she is genuine and real, a pretty significant feat for a celebrity with that much fame.

George Takei

Random, I know, but this 75-year-old Star Trek actor reignited his career and public persona through self-deprecating humor and an impressive social following. What sets Takei apart from other celebrity social channels is his engagement. While his 9.7 million Facebook likes may seem modest compared to others on this list, it’s not uncommon for his posts to receive between 30k and 50k likes and shares. What makes him so effective? Simply put, he knows his audience and gives them what they want. A good lesson for all marketers.