3 Brands with a Vision for Video

By Jessi Pierce


Think of your daily routine: How much of that includes video? From morning news, to sports highlight footage and YouTube clips, there’s no question that we are inundated with videos, online, on our phone and on TV, each and every day. In fact, according to eMarketer, U.S. adults spent an average of 5.5 hours watching video content each day.

And while some videos are there for pure entertainment, others use that entertaining value to achieve a business advantage.

Here are three companies that really excel through their use of video:


Who says Barbie is the only toy for girls? GoldieBlox is a toy company that aims to change the way girls view playtime. With a goal of creating toys for future female innovators, the company itself came to be thanks to video embedded into its Kickstarter campaign.

The video helped secure the company’s financials and gained attention from larger companies. It even led to a coveted commercial spot during the 2014 Super Bowl.

Now on the market for three years, plenty of GoldieBlox videos have gone viral. The company continues to not only create commercial videos that empower young girls, but it offers explainer videos, behind the scenes footage, and animation videos, too.

GoldieBlox has recognized the importance of video to its brand. By using it to try and break the mold of “princesses are for girls” it appeals to a wide audience, especially in today’s society. Watching the fun and entertaining video content, it’s easy to see how it has been a part of the company’s success.


It may be the sports fan in me, but I’m a sucker for almost all of Nike’s commercial videos. What makes Nike especially unique in these commercials is the way they try different approaches in their videos. They have videos like this year’s “Snow Day,” which features athletes of all different sports bringing the game back to their schoolyard days of playing outside with friends.

Videos like “Last” depict exactly what it feels like to be that marathon runner, and “Inner Thoughts” is geared specifically toward women and the thought that most of us have while working out (“Are we done yet?”).

While Nike is a multimillion-dollar company that is expected to succeed – with or without video – what has really helped them remain a mainstay on the sports front is the fact that there is no longer a need to secure just a TV spot in order to broadcast the videos. Nike’s YouTube channel has been its own personal TV station and has allowed them to share more videos in more ways than they were originally limited to. Nike’s video runs the gamut of emotional, comical, and ultimately real, and that’s how they succeed.


Dove changed the beauty products game when it introduced its Dove Real Beauty campaign in 2004. But the campaign didn’t really take off until the “Evolution” video in 2006. The video went viral, changing not only the conversation around beauty products and a woman’s self-esteem, but boosting Dove’s sales as well, surging from $2.5 billion in 2004 up to $4 billion in 2014.

Since then, videos like “Real Beauty” and “A Girl’s Confidence” have been met with the same high marks. Dove continues to sell on the shelves thanks to the campaign that relies so heavily on video.


Honorable mentions:

Dollar Shave Club and Dollar Beard Club
You can’t go wrong with humor, even if it pushes the limits just a tad. Dollar Shave Club launched its start-up video, which quickly went viral and drew attention to the small company. Dollar Shave Club was then challenged by Dollar Beard Club, which mocked its competitors’ initial start-up video to help its own contrasting small company in the same way. Both companies recognized the importance of wit, sass, and fun in order to sell their products – and it worked.

Like Nike, Gatorade does a great job appealing to the emotional side of sports and athletes, best showcased with “Forget Me” which honors U.S. Women’s National Team member Abby Wambach after she announced her retirement from the game.

You’d expect a company that specializes in video equipment to be great at using video, but GoPro really does an excellent job of showcasing its product in a fun and creative manner – all while showing off the ways it can be used. Check out their channel here.