10 Ways to Give Your Content More Personality

By Josie Nelson


We all know it’s important to keep readers engaged with your content, and adding a little personality can go a long way.  

Adding personality to your content is a great way to entertain readers and keep them reading until the end. It’s also a critical element in building relationships with your audience and showcasing your expertise.   

Here are 10 tips to help you develop an authentic signature as you give your content a little more personality:

1. Make sure readers are enjoying themselves

No need to use big words your audience can’t understand. Readers should feel good about what they’re reading and comprehend what you’re saying.

2. Use humor

Have fun with your topic! Sneak in a joke or two to prove you’re not a robot. Boring content is never a good idea, and this is the perfect opportunity to have a little fun.

3. Be yourself

Your personality should come through as you showcase your authentic self. Keep doing what you think is beneficial for your content and be natural in the way you’re communicating.

4. Have your own opinions

Having your own opinion will provide a unique outlook to the reader. Maybe they never thought of something in the way you put it.

5. Stay on topic

Nobody likes to read confusing content. Keep your focus on the topic at hand and ensure everyone is on the same page.

6. Be honest

Content can often contain big claims that are false and deceiving. Be honest with your viewers and build trust.

7. Keep it simple

This isn’t the place for big words that are hard to pronounce. Develop simple yet creative ideas to keep the reader interested.

8. Express positivity

Negativity will not look good for your business. Stay enthusiastic to keep readers coming back for more content.

9. Ask yourself if you would want to read it

If it is not interesting to you, it’s probably not that interesting to someone else. Create content that matters.

10. Be helpful

What’s the purpose of your content? There should be some motive or useful reason for your words. This is your chance to demonstrate your knowledge as an industry leader.